Are you ready to make a break through?

During the call, you will be come crystal clear about what the obstacles are that are holding you back.


The dietitian will provide personalized tips and tools that you can start to use when the call ends.

Not only will you receive some practical and useful ways to start to solve your health challenge, but the dietitian will also discuss ways to help you achieve clarity on future abundant healthful living.

Instead of struggling with your cravings, emotional eating, and your weight, this can be the first step to obtaining your life with more energy, the tools to be healthier, and ways to enjoy the foods you like.

At the time of your appointment - Call 937-867-0115  I look forward to talking with you.

I am so excited to let you know you have been chosen for the gift of the Weight Loss Breakthrough Call. This session is valued at $150! I look forward to talking with yo...
Breakthrough Call
30 min
Free consultation