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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Breakfast - The why and how

I always heard that breakfast was one of the most important meals of the day. As a child, I never could figure that out. I always thought breakfast came to early in the morning. It would interrupt the sleep that I loved to get in the morning until the very last moment before I had to get up. Yet, my mom always insisted that I eat breakfast. She would tell me it is good for me.

Come to find out that she was right. Breakfast helps improve concentration for children. I know it does the same for me now. I don't feel as 'sharp' when I skip breakfast. (And yes occasionally, it does happen)

I hear the same story over and over from people that I see as clients. What to eat for breakfast and how to plan that meal.

I have just posted another YouTube video. You have guessed the topic already. It is about breakfast and why it so good for you.

Also a really easy way to plan the meal. Included 4 sample meals in the video.

So take 3 minutes and tell me what you think. Would love to hear some feedback on the information presented and what else do you need to learn or see in a YouTube video.

My email is or just click on the email and fill out the comment section.

The link for the new YouTube video is


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