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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

What else to do to get the weight loss?

This is a question that I have heard a lot from clients who are struggling to obtain weight loss. Strange that it is so universal.

It is not an easy answer because everyone is so different and are focusing on different areas to obtain their goal to lose 5, 10, or more weight.

I understand the struggle. I have weighed a lot more than I do now. As a matter of fact have lost 20 lbs since last July. So the same tools that I talk with my clients about, I have been manipulating and using over the last 7 months. It is a matter of small steps to get there. That is what I keep telling myself as well. I am still in progress with the weight loss journey and am working to lose 10 more pounds, which will make a 30 pound loss.

The tool that I talked about in the last video is how you think about weight loss, yourself, food, exercise, and your environment can make the difference in whether you will be successful. It is interesting to me that the messages that we 'play' to ourselves are very powerful.

When you get on the scale, and maybe it hasn't budged since the last time, or you have gained one or two pounds, it can be very discouraging and frustrating. You might say to yourself, "wow, I went to the gym regularly and stayed away from all of my favorite foods. It doesn't look like this is working. I am putting in a lot of effort for this and look, it has slipped back up two pounds. I might as well slack off the workouts, and/or have my foods that I really enjoy.

What is the Point?"

It is so easy to slip back into old behaviors. To throw in the towel and just say it isn't worth it. That is the negative self-talk.

Yes, it is easier to revert back to old behaviors. If that negative talk wins, then what happens? Weight re-gain, risk for diabetes, hypertension, problems moving, achy joints...?

On the other hand, what if a re-frame of the negative way of thinking happens. To reframe the negative, I might say to myself, it takes time and patience to lose weight. It is not one day or one week. It is the changing of behaviors, environment, perhaps reviewing what are the foods and amounts I am eating, am I doing the activity faithfully, or are there days when I slack off and think that perhaps it is not worth it.

Why am even bothering to focus on weight loss? What is my motivation for trying to lose the weight? I want to be able to move better. I want to reduce my risk for diabetes. I want better control of my diabetes. I want to fit into a smaller sized clothes. I want to stop hiding behind my children when I get my picture taken. I want to stop standing sideways to 'look smaller.'

Is it enough to keep you on the path? Do you need help with your plan? If you have tried and still are a standstill, it may be time to ask for help.

Schedule an appointment with a dietitian to get insight into what it is that you can do next.

I have two announcements. First, I am opening a physical office. The address is 4870 Joyce Dr. Dayton, OH. The office is on the side of the house.

I am offering 15% any service for the first 15 people that I see in the office as a way to get joyful with seeing you in a new space.

The other is that I am going to be doing a Weight loss workshop via the internet. This will go for 6 months, meeting one time per month for 45 to 60 minutes for each sessions. Sessions will include all the information you would receive if you were meeting face to face. During the sessions, will be completing worksheets and planning goals and actions to achieve weight loss based your needs. Follow-up sessions will include tools to continue with the weight loss process, feedback, and goal setting.

The other benefit of the live Workshop is that you can get ideas and feedback from other participants who attend. I plan to have only 5 to 6 people per workshop. Contact between sessions will be via email and in a private Facebook group for the participants.

If you have an interest in this option, email me at or fill out the contact information

Include a phone number so I can call you prior to the workshop to discuss the fee and details of the workshop.

I will need to hear from Workshop participants by Friday 2-17. or

Workshop to start Thursday March 2.


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