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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

One simple tool with 6 benefits on how to manage stress

Journaling as a stress management tool

Journaling is a very simple way a person can manage their stress. It can help in several ways.

1. Writing down your thoughts and feelings about different situaltions can help to clarify how you feel about those

2. Journaling can help to release the feelings you have. You may experience stress from frustrations at work, at home, and writing down can help to express those feelings. It also can be beneficial to write down the positive aspects of situations also

3. Write down about problems that you face can potentially help you find solutions to those. It can help to put the pieces together so you will find the aha moment

4. Journaling can you find the time to recharge. We are very busy. Sitting down to write your thoughts and your feelings helps you find the focus

5. Gratitude journaling can make you happier and less stressed. It changes the focus of the thoughts to positive things in your life

6. Journaling can help get rid of negative thoughts. Those are left on the paper and not in your mind.

Journal is a simple tool that can be used to decrease and manage the stress.

Step 1 – get a notebook or buy a journal book. Start today. Journal.

Best Health,


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