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Re-Frame and color outside the lines

This a picture of my mom. I am using her photo instead a “stock” photo for a particular reason.

I had a conversation with someone and experienced a very negative feeling from the whole conversation. Felt weighted down. Left that room feeling demoralized and frustrated. And it was just a conversation.

I was thinking what is wrong with this whole experience. With the whole conversation. It was that negative vibe I was getting from the other person. How it seemed to swallow up my enthusiasm for the clients I am working with, the Leap diet, the way that for my clients that has really been impacting and changing their lives.

I pulled up this picture and looked at it. And here is the reason why I am sharing this with you.

I needed to do a re-frame of the thoughts that were playing in my head from that conversation.

I chose to do just that.

This is my mom and this is her high school graduation picture. It was not the typical picture that the school condoned. She had gone to town to get some pictures made instead of doing it the way the school were doing their senior pictures. When the yearbook staff looked at her pictures, they told her “your picture is too risqué.

I am not sure if they even allowed her to have her photo in the yearbook or not. But she got into trouble because of her pictures.

I think that actually describes my mom pretty aptly. She usually didn’t play by the rules. (and it was long before the women of the world decided they should have the same privileges – the women’s rights movement)

I am also posting her picture because for me she always has been my inspiration. She would tell me that she believed in me. That I could do anything that I wanted to achieve.

Leaving the conversation from the other day, I needed to find the enthusiasm that I had walked into the office with. I have always been able to find it again when I think about the way my mom believed in me. But most of all, the way she chose to live outside the lines of the accepted ways of doing things.

I think that she would call that coloring outside the lines and not caring that it was different from others.

How do you do a re-frame from a negative experience that may cause you to stop making healthy choices and actions?

I would love to hear about who is your inspiration and who motivates you. Type me a response.

For me, it is still my mom. I am going to color outside the lines too!


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