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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

What's your story? MJ

Is this the way you feel?

"I was not sure if changing what I was eating would help me with my symptoms I was having."

It wasn't just every once in a while. It was every day!

I had constant stomach aches.

I had constant headaches.

I always had to know where the bathroom was everywhere I went just in case I needed that in a hurry.

I was afraid of food. Scared to eat something because I didn't know if I would end up with stomach aches or diarrhea.

How life changed for me

"I can now enjoy a meal with my friends and family. I know what foods work for me. I can also enjoy fun activities without stomach aches and headaches. I can eat food and feel comfortable."

Work is better too because I don't have headaches anymore.

What is your story?

Do you know where all the bathrooms are just in case?

Do you tell your family you can't do activities with them because you just feel miserable - your stomach is bloated, cramping, and you have gas? How does that make you feel?

Like you are missing out from being with the people you love!

Are you afraid to eat because you don't know if the food is going to cause your stomach to cramp up or for another headache/migraine to happen? How does that make you feel?

Are you miserable and just wanting to fix things! But don't know how to do that.

Did you know that in 10 to 14 days, a person who has IBS (and other autoimmune issues like fibromyalgia, and migraines) can have a decrease in their symptoms?

Can I show you the results one client had from working with me?

Check it out here!

Are you ready for your 14th day?


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