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The number one secret to success to "_____" that no one ever tells you!

June 25, 2018




Is this you?


Have you made changes but you have somehow lost your focus?


It doesn't matter whether we are talking about weight loss, diabetes management, staying away from sugar, or any other focus for health.


When you started, you were gung ho. You know what I mean.


Wow. There is nothing that is going to throw you off your plan this time! You were excited, motivated, and telling everyone what a good plan this was!


Then suddenly, the old habits have crept back in. Or maybe you didn't do so well one day and you said "I might as well give up. Look how big this flop is."


Tip for getting back on track or even how to get started


I would tell you to stop and take a pause. It is time for a re-group.


Just because you didn't stick perfectly with the plan doesn't mean all is lost.


Write it down.




Write down what your motivation for doing something is. This can help keep you focused on the change or changes that you have put in place.


Questions to ask.


  • What changes are you working on?

  • What steps do you need to do to accomplish those?


Write down the "why" of the change.




  • How will it benefit you?

  • What will your life be like in one week?

  • What will your life be like in one month?

  • What will your life be like in one year?

First step when you write goals


I probably would write this as the first step in goal setting. What is the "why" for your change? Or what is the benefit it will bring to you?


Do you need help with making changes?


I would love to help.


Wishing you the best in your re-group and focusing on the benefits that a change can make in your life and health.



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