Is this you?
  • Have you tried diet after diet, only to gain the weight again, with you feeling hopeless and helpless?
  • Do you feel you ashamed and guilty because you just can't stay away from foods that are high in calories?
  • You "know" what kinds of changes you need to make but just can't begin to change and "pull things together" to eat healthier or move more.
  • Do you eat healthy all day and then the nighttime munchies hit with you wanting to give up because it happens over and over.
It's not your fault for having tried to lose weight and not being successful. More than 80% of people who lose weight will gain it back.
It is difficult to live in the place of always thinking about food, feeling guilty and ashamed when you fail, and not being successful with weight loss and health changes that are permanent.
It is time to take a different approach.