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About your Coach

When we work together...

My goal is to give you more than just a diet sheet and a list of foods to choose from. We will be a team to accomplish your goals. I will be your dietitian in your pocket to give you the ongoing support that is needed to help you get there.
You can think of me as your knowledge provider and application specialist, as well as your cheer leader and personal coach. This is a supportive partnership to provide you with tools and resources you need until you reach your goals. I am here to help you with your transformation process. Let's get to work on the new you!

My Story


The person who has most influenced me is my mother. I remember when I was younger, I would always think she had more super powers than Wonder woman and Superman combined. (Maybe that is true of all mothers.)


I had made my first apple pie and asked my mom to taste it. She had a piece of it. Said it tasted very good. Later she shared that she had "fallen off" another diet because of eating that piece of pie. I had not even known she was on a diet, or that she was an off and on again dieter. I didn't know until many years later that she felt ashamed because she was overweight.

I didn't have an issue with weight until I got married. Then my husband would make comments about the fact that I probably should exercise more and watch what I was eating. I did what most people do. I got defensive and would try for a while to do better. I would really focus on counting calories and "eating healthy" and be thinking about how to avoid the sweets that I loved.  It would soon pass because I liked sweets a lot. I would fall back into the "habit" of eating sweets.

I realized that I needed to pay attention when I started wearing a size 14. I would describe it as a surprise because the old clothes didn't fit anymore, and I had a belly and round hips. I remembered the "on diets and off diets" my mom had done when I was a child.


I did not want to be "on a diet" and struggle with food the way that she had. I changed my food and activity choices to impact my weight and overall health. I lost a significant amount of weight and implemented a daily exercise and focused on lower calorie foods to maintain the loss. I was surprised but I "lost" my cravings for sweets.

I am not only a dietitian and coach, but I have walked in the shoes of a person who has struggled with weight issues. These have been a positive influence on my weight and overall health. I understand about the feelings that go with being overweight. I know that it is difficult to make changes and to stick with those. I know how the mind and head send messages that try to sabotage the process.

I know losing weight can be an emotional and frustrating fight. There is a lot of talking to yourself about what you should and shouldn't do. It is a difficult place to be. But food doesn't have to be the enemy. My name is Juanita and I can help you achieve permanent weight loss without guilt or shame.

Why I am a Autoimmune dietitian and a Leap Therapist


I am someone who believes in the power of food and nutrition and how it can change lives.

My recent encounter about the power of food happened because I have a friend who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, IBS, and lupus. I watched as she struggled with these diagnoses. She would do ordinary things, like weed her garden or clean her house and then she she would be "physically wiped out" and in great pain from those tasks.

I started doing some research and reading to try to find some way to help her. I started reading about this diet that seemed to be promising. I did initially think that this almost looks like it is too good to be true. I knew that food and nutrition were important in helping a person stay healthy, but could it really help with relieving her symptoms.

I continued studying and finally became certified to be a LEAP Therapist. I saw my first client and was amazed at the decrease in the initial symptoms that she experienced! Her score went from 108 to an 8!

When I saw this dramatic change, I was truly convinced of the power of food and how this diet reduced her symptoms so dramatically. Now I am one of those people that if you ask me what I do, I will share with you that I am a coach, your dietitian in your pocket, that can help you to get your life back from irritable bowel disease, migraines, fibromyalgia, and a multitude of other issues that are related to food sensitivities.

It is important to have a coach to guide you who has the necessary knowledge. It is also is beneficial to have someone who is empathetic and understands the place where you are in your journey as you start to make your changes. I believe in what I do, and hope to work with you to have make your needed changes.

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