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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Your body's defense systems

The human body is a wondrous machine

It is built to defend itself from outside invaders in multiple ways. It has different defenses designed to protect itself.

You could think of the body's defenses like a castle

Castles have three main defenses that help to protect it from invaders. Your body has three levels of defenses also.

A Castle has a moat and a drawbridge

Your body's first defense line include physical and chemical barriers that protect you against infection.

These are:

  • your skin

  • your tears

  • mucus

  • cilia, or the fine hairs lining your windpipe

  • stomach acid

  • urine flow

  • your friendly bacteria in your gut

  • White blood cells, or neutrophils

These act in a similar fashion as the castle's moat and drawbridge.

A castle has sentries and archers on the wall to defend it; its second line of defense

Your body's second line of defense reacts with a non-specific immune response to invaders. It sends out macrophages, interferons, neutrophils, and complement protein to "gobble up" invaders in your body.

For it's third level of defense, the castle has soldiers inside its walls.

Your body, as it's third level of defense, has specific immune responses, the T cells and B cells. These work like a special forces unit to destroy pathogens.

When your body cannot tell the difference between foreign invaders and your body's healthy tissues, it produces inflammatory chemicals that travel in the bloodstream.

The inflammatory chemicals produce symptoms that lead to chronic diseases

A big step to improve health is to identify the "trigger" foods and chemicals that are causing the body to attack itself.

The MRT (Mediator Release Test) tests 170 foods and chemicals to do this. You are not guessing about what foods are safe to eat.

If you have an autoimmune disease, finding out what is safe to eat will help you relieve your symptoms and resolve the inflammation in the body.

I am "your dietitian in your pocket" to help you find the answers.


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