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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDE

Easy peasy

Maybe easy peasy is really not the correct way to say this is really easy to do, but it works for the blog. I am excited because this is my second posting for the website and am hoping that soon readers will find their way to this site to learn and find out how to make small changes that will make a big difference in their health.

I was in Kroger grocery store shopping one day and heard an overhead announcement that sparked my interest. It was announced a new service they had just created and were offering free of charge to their customers. Now who in the world doesn't like to get free things. I know I do. So I did a little investigating on what this new free thing was.

The new service that is offered is the packaging of seafood in an oven-ready bag with seasoning. What a neat concept! I naturally asked the next question that probably all dietitians would ask, what is in the seasoning blend. The reason for the question is that for a lot of people they are trying to watch their sodium intake and pre-packaged foods usually contain a large amount of sodium.

I called and talked to Kathy, who is the meat department's manager. She was kind enough to take several minutes out of her busy day to answer my questions about the seasoning blend that is used.

The blend is called Everson Spice. They make seasoning blends exclusively for retail use.

When questioned if salt is part of the 'blend,' Kathy said yes and did share that the California Garlic blend which is 1/4 tsp in the package provided only has 85 mg of sodium. The Backyard BBQ blend has 190 mg of sodium.

So for people watching their sodium intake, choosing the lower sodium varieties would fit into their plan without adding to much sodium.

The easy peasy service is good in other ways. It is an easy way to have seafood in the meals without the 'odor' of it permeating throughout the whole house. Fresh seafood is a good source of protein and two servings per week has been shown to have benefits for heart health.

So a way to have an easy fix meal sometimes does happen. I am on the lookout for other good ideas to make meal planning and healthy eating easier. If you have thoughts just email me and let me know. My email is


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