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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Beating the summer heat

Wow, I can tell that it is summertime again. It is hot! With the heat, a person should take certain precautions.

1) Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. I would say water really rocks for providing the body what it needs. It is recommended that a drink about 2 liters of water per day.

It really makes sense for this recommendation. The human body is made of a lot of water. It is comprised of 50 to 60% water a person does need to replenish the store so to speak on a daily basis.

A common complaint that I hear is that I don't like the taste of just water. There are a lot of solutions to that statement. I use lemon juice to flavor up the water. Other resources that are available are the water flavors, usually located in the soda isle, such as Crystal lite, Mio, and some others.

Another newer trick is to use a water bottle that infuses vegetables, fruit, or herbs into the water. You have a wonderfully flavored water with no calories and no more plain water ever again! These can be found by googling water bottles with vegetable fruit infused.

Another solution is to buy bottled water that has flavors added. These also typically have carbonation added. I personally do not prefer that aspect.

2) Cool down with frozen fruits as a quick snack. I love frozen grapes, blueberries as a quick cool down.

3) My dad always had a standby for cooling down. Make some frozen popsicles. If you want a calorie free, use flavored water as the source instead of juice.

Many stores sell the popsicle form kits to make your own popsicles at home.

4) Keep the ice trays filled to add to juices and water. This a quick cool down.

As always I am looking for feedback and comments.

Stay cool.


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