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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Free online course for weight loss!

Can you keep a secret? I hope not, because I would love to share my free course that is now available online. It is called Weight loss - Tools for portion control. These are some really simple changes that you can make with some tools that you have in your kitchen. Six different ideas are discussed and some of the tools you have in your own kitchen right now.

I also talk about a couple of tools you could buy to help with portion control if you are wanting watch your portions and obtain some weight loss.

So don't keep it a secret. Tell your friends and share the link so they can also go to sign up for free. It is a way to work with a dietitian without having to book an appointment.

Looking forward to hearing what your comments are after you have finished it and what tool you have decided to start using to help control portions.

Don't keep it a secret.


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