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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Finding the right tools

I am in process of repainting my bathroom. I have paint brushes of all sizes. I have a large paint roller. Came across an obstacle with the small corners and the other small areas by the ceiling. None of the tools that I had worked well. If I chose to continue to use the brushes to paint the smaller corners and nooks, it would take me forever to finish the job.

Certainly there was a way to paint the small spaces that would be fast and efficient. I could then do something else that needed to be done. Well, did a web search and found out there are small rollers, 3 inch and 4 inch sizes that looked perfect.

I went to Home Depot and talked with sales person about what might be available to help me get the job done quickly. They had 3 inch and 4 inch roller brushes. I bought rollers and a handle and came home to try it out.

Sure enough, it works great. I am almost done with painting the corners of the wall/ceiling and will be able to begin something else and not just spend all day using tools that are not suited for the job.

This triggered in my mind for a person needing to change behaviors, whether it is for weight loss or management of diabetes, it is the addition of simple tools to help with the job. I am never one that likes to say the formula is really complicated and a person needs to change five things at one time.

Change one thing at a time. Make it a simple change. Stick with that one change. How does it work? If it doesn't work, change it to something else.

In the matter of weight loss, I am offering a free video lesson on tools to help with weight loss. The tools are really simple and I have actually had people look at me and say it can't be that easy to lose weight or control portions. But with one change, weight loss can happen.

I could give you example after example of people who have done exactly one change and weight loss has happened. I just saw someone three weeks ago and she initially lost 7 lbs in the three weeks from her small change.

If you wanted to make a step to losing weight , make one change. What have you got to lose, except some weight. I would love to hear how you made a change and lost some weight by using a simple change that you learned about free of charge video from a dietitian coach.

I could have spent all day with the wrong tools, painting my bathroom. I would eventually get done. I would rather use a different tool so I can do something more enjoyable than climbing ladders and painting. (If you knew me, you would know, I truly hate climbing up on ladders)

Looking forward to the next post. Juanita

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