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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

What is the most difficult thing for you to do to stay healthy or to lose weight?

Your doctor and other health professionals that you see may not ask the question that I just asked. I sometimes wonder why that is.

I know for myself, I know that when I go to visit the doc, I want to always get to the heart of why I am there. This is my issue and this is how I feel my problem can best be solved.

I am not a doctor, so for problems like dizziness, stomach pain, or other medical issues. I need more assistance with those problems if they were to occur.

But in a lot of cases, I already know the answer to the question that I posed in the post title. I just don't know what tools or resources to use to find the answer. I may not know what are the specific steps that I need to take to reach the answer or the goal I would like to have happen.

I know that the nuts and bolts of staying healthy or losing weight can be tricky. Some things are learned by sheer accident. I know for me personally, it is easier not to eat junk food if it isn't in the house. Before I knew that, I would be eating the Lays potato chips, then have the moments of regret that always happens afterwards. But not having them in the cupboard does make it easier not to eat them in the first place.

So here is the point to this post, I would like to know what is your answer to this question. What is it that I can do as a dietitian to help you find that answer. I will create a page specifically for you to email me your one item that you would like to see in the posts or in an online course or webinar that would help you become a healthier person or to lose weight.

As a way to thank you for answering the question, I will send you five ways to make activity doable until October 20th.


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