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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

3 for every 30

The American Diabetes Association has developed some specific guidelines for persons with diabetes.

Reducing sedentary activity for people with diabetes with doing three minutes for every 30 minutes

One specific part of these recommendations is to reduce the overall time that a person spends in what is called sedentary activities. Sedentary activity is when a person is awake that involves prolonged sitting. Activities that are sedentary are when a person sits at a desk, is sitting in a meeting, or watching TV.

Choices of activities to do

Activities to do for 3 minutes could be:

  • Standing

  • Leg lifts or extensions

  • Overhead arm stretches

  • Desk chair swivels

  • Torso twists

  • Side lunges

  • Walking in place

Helps with blood glucose control

This moving every 30 minutes helps with a person’s blood glucose control. So try out these guidelines to see how it helps with your blood glucose numbers.

Wishing you great health,


This information is from Diabetes Care Journal November 2016

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