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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Test - Don't guess

Are you taking supplements?

77% of Americans take at least one supplement.

  • There are over 29,000 different dietary supplements available to U.S. consumers. And if that isn’t enough, there are also approximately 1,000 new supplements added to the market every single year.

More women than men take supplements.

The most popular supplement is vitamin D with 66% of consumers buying it.

Zippia. "25 Fascinating Supplements Industry Statistics [2023]: Data + Trends" Nov. 29, 2022,

Going back to the title of the blog - Test - Don't guess

It would be good to test for the need for supplements before taking them

  1. If you are taking supplements you don't need, you are wasting your money

  2. If you are taking supplements you don't need, you can disrupt other nutrients and cause deficiencies you didn't have before

  3. With testing, you establish exactly what your need for specific supplementation is or isn't

Your health starts with your cells

All of your body's functions are within your cells and require micronutrients. If minor deficiencies are present, this can eventually lead to chronic disease - diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and other diseases.

It is better to test instead of guessing when it comes to taking supplements.


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