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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Changing tomorrow

I was stopped in my tracks by this saying. The part of the saying that says "Do something today" is the part that caught my attention. Don't just sit there and wait for something to happen. Don't wait to be healthier. Don't wait for a relationship with someone else to get better on its own. Don't wait for someone else to take the lead on something that needs to be done. "Do something today."

The "Do something today" is probably the toughest part of any change. I want to be more physically fit. I want to eat better. I want to lose weight. I want to have a better relationship. But the wanting is not making anything change. It is the action part that makes the change.

Let me rephrase that last statement. It is the action of making a small change that starts the process of the "Do something today."

It doesn't say make a big change to do something today to make the difference for tomorrow. It is a small change that is the do something today.

I know about small changes. I have decided to become more physically active. That means doing something every day to move more. That means spending time on the gazelle when I would rather just sit. That means pulling up the Leslie Sansone video of the 1 mile walk when I would read a book.

I think nature is also trying to help me be more active because my maple tree is still not done dumping its leaves off of the branches onto the ground. I have raked the leaves four times already and still counting. I also raked the neighbor's yard just because mine had already been done and I wanted to move more.

This moving more has made a difference in that I have more energy and am sleeping better. I know I am a work in progress but so far am pleased with the small change for me to be more active. This is my "Do something today."

What is your "Do something today?"


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