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It's here! Online weight loss course: A way to refresh or to learn how to lose weight for the fi

I have been working on a project for what seems to be a forever time. (I don't even think that is a real phrase but because I am not going to get graded on that by an English professor, I am going to leave it)

The news is I now have an online course ready to be offered. Through November 30th, will offer a $50.00 discount, which is reflected in the posted price on the site. This is a limited time offer. Money back guaranteed for 30 days from day of purchase if not satisfied.


The course offers many great features: It contains worksheets to fill out as you watch the video, handouts to refer to, and ways to implement changes over time to achieve weight loss. Each video offers the opportunity for setting goals from the information presented.

An obvious question is who is this for? If you are wanting to lose weight and have seen a dietitian in the past, it will give you a review of concepts and tools you have encountered in the past. If you have never seen a dietitian before and want to lose weight, information is presented in a clear, easy to follow format that will allow you to make changes to lose weight by incorporating the steps presented.

How do you know if it will work? I just saw a client in August. She made some of the changes that are in the video and she has lost 14 lbs in two months! I have been using these same strategies with clients I have worked with for the last 28 years. I saw a client and did a diet counseling session with her. Two months later, a lady approached me when I was shopping at the grocery store and said "hello." I must have had a look on my face that I did not know who she was. She smiled and said "I am the person you saw as a patient. You gave me practical ways for me to make changes and to lose weight and be healthier." It was my client that I had seen two months before and talk about a changed person. She looked so different than she had at my first visit due to the fact she had lost so much weight.

That has happened to me over and over as I have worked with clients who want to lose weight. What a rush I get when I see the successes that people have by making little changes in their lives to achieve their goals for weight loss and better health.

I have asked about the difficulty of making the changes that are outlined in the online course with my clients. They look at me and say the small changes were not difficult to make. It made the change to watching portions, being more active, and choosing healthier foods easier than they had thought it would be.

Other benefits of the online course: Members will be able to join an Private online Facebook group where you will be able to post your questions privately to your dietitian/coach. There will be a once a month 'meeting' with the dietitian/coach via a chat or video conference to ask questions.

If you are needing a refresher to get back to weight loss changes, or have never tried to lose weight before, I have created this online course for you.

Looking forward to working with you when you sign up as your dietitian/coach.


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