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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Another way to lower stress?

Walking has many benefits

It is not just walking, but when you walk outside in nature, this has some benefits beyond just walking. Think about how it makes you feel when you are outside in nature. Looking at the trees, the flowers, the other things in nature, the chipmunk that scurries to hide as you walk past. I personally enjoy bird watching when I am out in nature.

Walking outside can change your mindset

It can be a meditative experience. A time when the thoughts of stress can vanish away and the mind becomes more quiet and reflective.

Looking for the endorphins

A brisk walk also can bring a happy feeling when endophins are released from the brain. Endophins are chemicals that are naturally released from physical activity. These chemicals make us feel less stressed.

Walking with friends and family as a way to be less stressed

Another way to have less stress when you take a walk is to take a walk with other people. The connections make a person feel less stressed.

Add in connections that we have when we pet our pets, cats or dogs. Interactions, whether they are with people or our furry friends is a way to reduce stress and to reduce cortisol - which increases a person's stress level. Take your pick - people or pets, both are good for reducing stress.

Walking reduces fatigue and boosts energy

Saying I am to tired to take a walk is a paradox because walking will add energy and reduce your tiredness. Do the walk to combat these issues.

Action Plan: Add in a walk to reduce the stress.

As always - Wishing you Best Health


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