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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Update on coconut oil and heart health

Update on Coconut use and is it good for the heart?

I wanted to give you an update on coconut oil use and whether anything has changed about its impact on heart health. In a previous blog, I had talked about the fact that studies were ongoing and the outcomes of several studies had not been conclusive about its status - good for the heart or still a cause for concern because it raises the LDL's.

Analysis of studies published in Circulation

A meta-analysis of seven studies were conducted to see what the effects that coconut oil had on the LDL's in comparison to vegetable oils. It was found that the coconut oil raised the LDL's, while the vegetable oils did not.

Conclusions of the study

Since coconut oil raises the LDL's, it is beneficial to limit its use in your diet just like other saturated fats should be limited.

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