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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

How to take care of yourself if you get sick and have diabetes?

Part 7 of the 9 essential things to know if you have diabetes - How to take care of yourself if you get sick.

A sick day is any of the following.

  • Illnesses such as the flu or colds

  • Infections

  • Injuries

  • Major dental work or a surgery

  • Prolonged stress

Getting sick causes stress in the body. This stress can cause blood glucose levels to become elevated.

Taking care of yourself when you become sick can help to prevent extreme high blood glucose levels while you are sick.

Before you get sick, talk with your doctor about the steps you need to take. You will know if you need to adjust your medicines during your illness.

Ask how often you need to check your blood glucose and if you need to check for ketones.

Sick day plan

  1. Always take your medications. If you have questions about this, call your provider

  2. Monitor your blood glucose 4 times a day or at least every 3 to 4 hours.

  3. Drink 6 to 8 ounces of fluid every hour. If you are able to eat in the normal way, choose beverages that are sugar free and are caffeine free.

  4. If you cannot eat food, alternate between sugar free beverages and beverages that have carbohydrates in them. First hour - sugar free beverages, 2nd hour - an 8 ounce beverage with sugar, 3rd hour - sugar free beverages, and so on.

  5. Rest and stay warm.

Call your doctor for any of these situations.

Trouble breathing

Chest or stomach pain

Vomit more than once or if you are unable

to keep food down more than 6 hours

Have a temperature over 101 ͦ F

Have 2 or more blood glucose over 250

Have moderate or large ketones

Have fruity breath

Become lethargic

Or if you have questions

Wishing you Best Health,


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