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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Not a magic wand

What if I had a magic wand and waved it over you? At this point, most people I am talking to laugh. This is not the way most people who are health providers talk in a session.

What I would like.....

  • Perhaps you want to be spontaneous and just do things on the spur of the moment.

  • Not have to worry about knowing where the bathrooms are everywhere you go.

  • Not having to worry about having an accident because all of sudden you have the urge to use the bathroom.

  • Maybe you want to be able to eat food without stressing that it is going to cause bloating, gas, pain, or diarrhea.

  • Or, maybe you want to feel less anxious about eating because of never knowing if it is going to cause your symptoms??

  • Or you want to have more energy. You want to wake up from sleep refreshed and ready to take on the day. Not having to cancel plans because you feel so drained, tired, and wiped out.

You may be thinking there isn't a magic wand that can be waved over so I will have all of that. Not with IBS, or Fibromyalgia.

What causes your symptoms

It may be possible to alleviate your symptoms and get you to the "magic wand" place by identifying foods that are causing your immune system to react and cause your symptoms.

I started working with a diet in 2017 because I was looking for a diet for my best friend. She has fibromyalgia. I knew the typical diet guidelines did not provide relief from the symptoms of her condition.

This is what a client wrote for her experience of before and after being on the diet.

"Before I did the Leap diet, I was having daily abdominal cramping, with 2 to 4 loose bowel movements every day. Sometimes just watery stools at times. I was tired and easily fatigued. Having joint pain, in my feet, knees, back and hands. I was having joint swelling that was happening frequently in my feet and hands. Other symptoms included ringing in my ears, having headaches 2 to 4 times each week, and brain fog. Before I started the diet, I would always need to know where the nearest restroom was - just in case."

"Now, I can eat without having to know where the bathroom is. Can take a walk without worrying about no bathroom available. I am having more mobility due to decreased joint pain. I am having better, improved concentration at work and home due to decreased brain fog." Deloris

If you are looking for relief of your IBS symptoms and want to feel better - let's talk.

Or if you have fibromyalgia and want clearer thinking, less anxiety, and more energy - let's talk.


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