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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss MBA MPH RD LD CDE

Have a coach right in your own kitchen!!!

One of the most challenging things that faces a person when they want to make changes to make their health better is what is a good first step to do that. I have faced that in my own life. One core area of a person's house that relates directly to a person's health is their kitchen and the food choices that they make on a daily basis.

For this reason, I have decided to change my career path and to help people with this issue. I am a dietitian and in this role have been a facilitator and coach in an office setting. People have come to me to obtain nutritional advice and how to achieve their health goals.

A limiting factor in this setting is there are foods hidden in the kitchen cabinet or the refrigerator or freezer that are perhaps not the healthiest choices that are not mentioned. Sometimes a person is not even aware that a food they are eating is not a healthy choice. We all fall into habits and the way that we eat and choose food is no exception to that rule. So the habit of always buying the doughnuts or chips because that is what we eat when we watch our favorite tv program is difficult to change.

I also have had people who say, I already eat healthy and no I don't eat the doughnuts or chips, or other junk foods. I really don't need a coach in the kitchen. I am doing well already. I say great, that is fabulous, but you are doing good, do you want to do great with the health choices? What that means, you are doing well in certain areas, keep doing that, but there is always room for improvement and healthier choices.

Health doesn't happen with a big change. It is a progression of smaller changes toward the big change. It is an adjustment to healthier choices whether you want to focus on weight loss, lowering fats, or managing your diabetes better. It is a small change. And I am excited that I can assist with that process.

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