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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

How do I stay prepared? Number 8 of the 9 essential things to know if you have diabetes

Another in the series of the 9 essential things to know if you have diabetes - # 8.

Be prepared. It is not just for boy scouts, but it is also important for a person who has diabetes to know what are the needed supplies to carry.

Your particular supplies may be slightly different than the list below. Perhaps it would be good to have a basic and then additional items in your supply kit that you always carry with you if you take insulin.

Basic supplies:

  • glucose meter and test strips

  • glucose tablets or some other fast acting carbohydrate to treat lows

  • a snack food that contains protein and carbohydrate to eat (in case a meal is delayed or for after a low blood glucose)

  • identification in the form of a medical alert bracelet or necklace

  • a description of what to do - written on a card inside your glucose kit - what to do if you have a low blood glucose episode

  • carry bag

  • list of phone numbers - emergency contact, doctor's number

If you take insulin:

  • insulin - in the form of your insulin pen or vial

  • pen needles or syringes

  • glucagon kit - along with directions on how and when to use this

One issue, especially for guys, is how to carry the supplies you need.??

Some solutions that I have seen some people use is a fanny pack. One guy came in the office and said would you like to see my "man purse?" He had bought a khaki colored type bag that he put his insulin and other supplies into.

I was really impressed that he had been doing this. Before he started taking his supplies with him, he had not been checking his blood glucose during the day or taking his insulin. His A1C was 13, and he had become concerned about the need to bring that down below 7. No one had talked with him about checking glucose numbers or taking his insulin before his meals.

He had said the main problem was that he could not figure out how to carry his supplies with him when he went places.

He found the khaki bag at a thrift store. It looked masculine so he decided to give a try at taking his supplies with him and to start to check his glucose and take his insulin at regular times.

Can you think of other items a person with diabetes should carry? See if you could add to this list.

Wishing you Best Health,


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