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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Easy tortillas

If you have eliminated gluten from your diet, you may be missing bread and other foods that used to be part of your normal diet.

There is good news. You can still include breads, pancakes, and other foods that have flour. You just need to bake and cook with gluten free flours.

Baking with the gluten free flours require a learning curve.

In breads, cakes, and other baked goods, gluten provides the structure for the baked product. Gluten free flours do not have the gluten protein. What this means, it may be necessary to "combine" different flours together to give the baked good its structure. Eggs and flaxseed meal may also be used to give structure also.

This is why you see a combo of items in gluten free baked goods and not just one type of flour that has gluten in it.

Since many of my clients have to eliminate gluten from their diets, I have begun to experiment with different gluten free recipes.

If you are considering working with a dietitian, here is what one client said about her experience with me.

"Some of the hesitations I had before I started the Leap diet, I was concerned, and maybe even skeptical about whether diet would really make a difference. Could I stick with it? And what was the cost?

Seeing the changes, from when I started the diet to the 60th day totally changed my mind. Is it worth it? Absolutely.

Is it worth the money? Absolutely. I was paying out money for medicines, for doctors, and paying out in just not feeling well." DT

If you need to make your diet gluten free, and are not sure where to start with this, it may be time to get a Dietitian in Your Pocket.


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