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How do I make change stick? part 2

Goals, and rewriting of goals seem to be the focus on most people's minds. This is what we do normally at the end of the year or at the beginning of the new year.

I always like to write mine down. I also write down mini goals that will lead me to the bigger goal. But how you write it can make a difference in whether you achieve it or not.

It is important to think about how to setup your environment so you can be successful with your goals. It is writing the actual goal down. I suggest a SMART goal format.

Writing it down in a SMART format will allow you to break the change down into small steps and allow you to see if you have accomplished your goal.

The way to write the different parts of the SMART goal is described below.

The S in SMART stands for be specific. Instead of writing a goal that is I will eat healthy, to be specific with this change goal it is better to write I will eat a vegetable serving every day for dinner. This telling you exactly what you have to do to make your diet more healthy.

M in SMART stands for measurable. What this means is that your goal will list a time, a distance, a number of something that can be measured.

A in SMART stands for the goal should be attainable. You may need to change your environment to be able to attain or achieve the change. Do you need to change your mindset to be able to achieve your goal?

The R in SMART stands for realistic. It is important to make your goal small enough that it can be obtained, while still making you stretch some.

T stands for tied to a deadline or timely. What that means when are you going to check to see if your change is working? Is it one week or one month? This will help you to know do you need to rewrite the change goal, or maybe focus on something else.

I would add an R - for rewards. What did you choose for your motivator for your goal?

Not succeeding with a goal doesn't mean you have failed. It means you have learned one way that this doesn't work and it is time to try another way.

It means getting back with figuring out what is important to you with your weight, or your diabetes, or your heart health to rewrite, re-motivate, restart.

You may need to trial and error your goal(s) several times. That's okay. Remember that the success you will have is a process and journey. It is in small steps and progression that great change happens.

What you need to change for the environment could also be written out. Think about the environment as the physical place that you live, the way you think about your goal and your health, and the people that you live with or who give you support. For instance, if you are constantly tempted to snack at night, and your husband offers you treats when he gets his own, that may be something that you will need to modify, control, eliminate, or change in order to be successful with weight loss or to control your diabetes.

What does your environment need to look like for you to be successful, or what do you need to modify for you to be successful with your goal that you have chosen?

Free offer - A template to write your goal out in the SMART format. Type goal sheet in the comment section and I will email you the template to write your change goal in this format.

If you need help setting your change goals, or making your change stick, I would be happy to help you with this. My scheduling page is

Wishing you great success in the new year.


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