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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Lunch plate divisions - a way to lose weight

In the last post, I talked about switching from a regular size dinner plate to using a salad plate to eat off of. This small change is something that will help with weight loss.

A way to divide your plate to lower calories

I wanted to take this one step further with the salad plate. It is all about divisions. In the video I talk about an easy way to downsize portions with this same salad plate.

Increase your veggies and downsize other foods on the plate to lower calories. This is easy to do in two easy steps. Divide the salad plate in half and put your non-starchy veggies on the top of your plate.

Divide the plate in half again and put your protein in one of the quartered sections and your starchy foods in the other section.

To lower calories even more

Your protein should be about the size of regular deck of playing cards.

To lower calories even more, choose lean cuts of meat. Broil, bake, roast, steam, any method of cooking except frying. Frying adds in a lot of fat.

Take the skin off of chicken and turkey before you eat it. The skin is fat and is very high in calories.

It is as simple as divide and conquer.

Need help with planning meals for weight loss?


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