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Slow down...

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Coming soon - Ditch the diet - End cravings and emotional eating for good! This will be an online live course designed to help you integrate the principles of mindful eating to achieve the following:

  • End counting calories

  • Stop constantly thinking about food

  • Eliminate cravings

  • Stop emotional eating

  • Enjoy your food more

Mindful eating is not a diet. It is a way of changing your relationship with food.

To become more mindful when you eat, it may be helpful to eat your food slower.

Why would this matter?

It has a few good benefits.

  1. You will be more in tune to your body's signals of hunger and satisfaction.

  2. You will be able to savor and enjoy the taste, aroma, and flavor of your food.

  3. Your body may digest it better.

  4. You will eat less.

A way to eat mindfully - Slow down how fast you eat

  • žChew food thoroughly and slowly

  • žEliminate distractions

  • žSet your eating utensil down between bites

  • žUse your non-dominant hand to eat with

  • žIf you are eating with others, mimic the eating rate of the slowest eater

  • žTime your meal – make your meal last 20 to 30 minutes

Do the challenge for the next 5 days:

Choose one of the techniques listed above to slow down how fast you eat for one meal a day.

Email me what you learned from doing the challenge - nutritionandhealthworks@woh.rr.comm

Stay tuned for more news about the online course on Ditch the Diet - Eliminate cravings and emotional eating for good!


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