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No more good or bad foods

A way to lose weight, enjoy food, and to enhance your relationship with food

The typical way of dealing with food when dieting

The focus when a person wants to lose weight usually goes to several areas.

First, it is very important to count all the calories of all of the food you eat.

This focus on counting calories can lead to frustration, especially if weight loss does not happen.

Secondly, it is necessary to eat healthy, low calorie foods

And third, it is very important not to eat high calories bad foods

This leads to judging yourself on how well you stick with the good foods and avoid the bad foods. If you do end up eating the cookie, or other foods labeled as bad, feelings of shame and the blame game begins. We beat ourselves up for not being strong enough to stick with the diet and only eat "good foods".

How long can you stay on a diet? Staying very focused on how many calories you ate? Did you eat all the right foods?

Diets are almost impossible to be on for very long. It is frustrating to constantly be thinking about the calorie content of foods.

You may think of food as "the enemy." I really don't like salads. But I have to eat them because they are "good" healthy food. I can't eat the chocolate chip cookie because it high in calories, and is "bad."

Instead of dieting, and when using mindfulness, food takes on a different meaning. Food is a gift and is to be respected. The experience of eating all food is valuable and important. The purpose of the experience is to eat a moderate amount of any food. Not to eat excessively of one food or to limit or deprive oneself of another type of food.

"I would recommend Juanita. She is the best. I've had a wonderful experience working with Juanita."

Cindy C.

Instead of dieting, mindful eating increases the satisfaction from food. A person is aware of their body's cues and what their emotional state is when they eat. You eat when you are hungry and will savor and enjoy the experience of eating instead of being stressed about counting calories, and judging and labeling foods as good or bad.

If you are ready to get off the dieting roller coaster, and want to schedule a Healthy eating discovery call here is a form to complete.

To your healthy eating of food,


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