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Mindful Eating Tip # 4 - Pause Before Eating

Mindful Eating Tips

Mindful Eating doesn't have "rules." Just some guidelines.

  • How to change how you eat

  • What you eat

  • When you eat

Previous tips to get started with mindful eating

Tip # 4 - Pause before you start to eat

Benefits of pausing before you eat

  • You will become more aware of the signals your body is giving you about hunger

  • You will be more aware of your thoughts and feelings

The pause and asking the question "Am I hungry?"

The pause before you eat and asking the question "Am I hungry?" can help a person recognize the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger. It takes you off of autopilot and allow you to recognize your true needs.

By including the pause at the beginning of the meal

  • You can set your intention to eat mindfully

Question - Will mindful eating help me with my emotional eating?

When you become a more mindful eater, you can decrease eating emotionally. You will learn to identify triggers and to learn the difference between physical hunger and emotional hunger.

Pausing before you begin to eat is one way to slow down and identify if hunger is present or if there is another reason you are going to eat the food.

The pause before eating is a powerful tool for:

  • Eating mindfully

  • And for identifying the reason you are going to eat the food - Is it hunger or is it cravings or emotional eating?

Look at the different strategies as "experiments" and with curiosity

Practice the pause this week.


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