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  • Juanita Weaver-Reiss

Un-Diet and get off the dieting rollercoaster

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

In a previous post I talked about 5 ways dieting is not beneficial and can lead to weight regain.

I have used the word un-diet. Mindful eating is a way to achieve this.

What is mindful eating? And what are some of the benefits?

Mindfulness comes from a Buddhist concept of being fully aware in the present moment.

Benefits that come from mindful eating

  • Can help to reduce overeating and binge eating

  • Can help a person lose weight

  • Can help you deal with emotional/stress eating

  • Can help improve symptoms from Diabetes

  • Can improve digestion and nutrient absorption

  • Can help you savor and truly enjoy your food

Mindful eating is not a diet

There are some guidelines to use when you eat mindfully

  • Focus on your senses

  • Slow down how fast you eat

  • Listen to your body - Am I hungry? Am I satisfied or done eating?

  • Change from judgement to self care and compassion

  • When you eat, just eat

  • Eating foods that satisfy and nourish the body

I plan to talk more about mindful eating in coming posts.


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