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Are you on autopilot?

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

Pausing before eating

It may sound somewhat strange to talk about slowing down and "pausing" before we eat food.

It is part of the process of becoming more mindful when eating food - instead of just reacting to thoughts, emotions, and cravings - learning to listen to our bodies and responding to our needs.

We spend a lot of our lives and time in autopilot mode. We don't spend much time thinking about what we are doing.

Tying your shoes or driving your car

Think about when you first learned to tie your shoes or when you were learning to drive. It took a lot of attention to the details to learn these tasks and others.

Now, when you tie your shoes and drive, you are on autopilot for the majority of the steps it takes to accomplish the tasks.

It is the same for when you eat your food. Perhaps you have an autopilot response to reach for food when you feel stressed or are bored. You don't think about why you are reaching for food in response to the emotions. It is just something you do.

The pause and asking the question "Am I hungry?"

The pause before you eat and asking the question "Am I hungry?" can help a person recognize the difference between emotional eating and physical hunger. It takes you off of autopilot and allow you to recognize your true needs.

"Juanita has provided personalized care and education on behaviors surrounding food. She gives individual attention. Has provided great ideas. She doesn't make you feel like you are not in control.

The benefits I have achieved since working with Juanita are

  • I have lost weight - 20 lbs

  • Change in the way I view food

  • Slowly changing my food and eating behaviors"



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